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CTC-47. Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill

CTC-48. Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer

CTC-49. Fabrication of solar irrigation System.

CTC-50. Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System for Garden

CTC-51. Automatic Water Tape Controlling System

CTC-52. Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine

CTC-53. Water pumping system using Wind Power

CTC-54. Fabrication of Remote operated weapon system

CTC-55. Remote controlled tilting wheel chair for physically disable

CTC-56. Remote controlled wheel chair [censored] bed.

CTC-57. Fabrication of Steam Power Plant

CTC-58. voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator

CTC-59. Foot step power generation system.

CTC-60. Wheel chair movement control using tongue

CTC-61. Closed loop pressure monitoring and controlling system using pressure sensor.

CTC-62. Implementation of tire Pressure Monitoring System with wireless communication

CTC-63. MEMS Accelerometer controlled tilt sensing for Avionics applications

CTC-64. Speech recognition based Wheel chair with elevated features

CTC-65. Designing of Programmable Drilling machine for depth controlling

CTC-67.Servo Motor Control using mobile phone

CTC-73. Sand collecting vehicle

CTC-77. Voice controlled material handling vehicle 

CTC-83. Automatic material handling fire fighting robot 

CTC-103. Quick lifting jack with gear arrangement 

CTC-104. Cell phone controlled jumping robot


CTC-41. Design of Lathe Tail stock.

CTC-42. Design of Pressure relief valve.

CTC-43. Design of Connecting rod.

CTC-44. Design of Stuffing box.

CTC-45. Design of Plummer blocks bearing.

CTC-46. Design of Universal joint.



CTC-1. Empirical modeling of tool wear and material removal rate using GP studios in END  MILLING process.

CTC-2. Design and Fabrication of jig.

CTC-3. Fabrication of Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine

CTC-4. Fabrication of Spring Testing Machine

CTC-5. Fabrication of Mini milling machine

CTC-6. Fabrication of Fully automated Drilling Machine

CTC-7. Fabrication of Electronic Hack Saw Machine



CTC-8. Fabrication of Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery

CTC-9. Automatic Car Parking System for apartment Building.

CTC-10. Fabrication of Air leak Detector.

CTC-66. SMS based vehicle ignition controlling system.

CTC-68. Fabrication of automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone

CTC-69. Automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm

CTC-70. Remote controlled air craft (flying model) 

CTC-71.Fabrication of sub-marine (model) 

CTC-72. SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system.

CTC-74. Fabrication of kids car

CTC-75. Fabrication of wind energy vehicle 

CTC-76. SMS controlled moving vehicle for industrial application 

CTC-77. Voice controlled material handling vehicle

CTC-84. Intelligent braking system in four wheeler (IBS) 

CTC-85. Emergency braking system in four wheeler (EBS)

CTC-93. Automatic track guided vehicle (ATGV)

CTC-94. Fabrication of battery car 

CTC-95. Fabrication of sensor operated AGV. 

CTC-96. Sensor operated track guided vehicle 

CTC-97. Fabrication of electrical steering mechanism 

CTC-98. Automatic head light dim and bright controller with engine overheating alarm 

CTC- 99. Automatic steering control mechanism using sensor

CTC-100. Automatic rain operated wiper

CTC-101. Fabrication of automatic car overtaking system 

CTC-102. Railways accident avoiding system - (level crossing and fire alarm) 

CTC-75. Fabrication of wind energy vehicle 

CTC-76. SMS controlled moving vehicle for industrial application 

CTC-86. Artificial intelligent based solar vehicle 

CTC-87. Remote controlled solar vehicle 

CTC-88. Automatic visitor guided with material handling vehicle 

CTC-89. Automatic sky car parking system 

CTC-90. Fabrication of path finding vehicle

CTC-91. Fabrication of automatic steering control system for automobile

CTC-92. Highways high speed sensing and automatic speed braking system

CTC-105. Automatic vehicle speed measuring using its rays

CTC-106. Fabrication of electric two wheeler. 



CTC-11. Fabrication of bucket wheel excavator

CTC-12. Automatic bottle washing machine

CTC-13. Automatic Water level Sensing Crane

CTC-14. Paddy Harvester

CTC-15. Fabrication of vegetable slicing Machine

CTC-16. Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment

CTC-17. Sensor Based Automatic paint marking machine for sprocket Industries

CTC-18. Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine

CTC-19. Intelligently Investigate Pipe-line Robot

CTC-20. Solar based self powered high efficient Line following robot with obstacle avoidance.

CTC-21. Speech recognition Controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot

CTC-22. Obstacle Avoidance and Manhole detection Electronic travel aid Robot for blind

CTC-23. Voice actuated hospital bed control system and Heart Beat monitoring and alerting system

CTC-24. Autonomous Mobile Platform II with artificial intelligence using digital compass and GPS

CTC-25. Tongue controlled speaking robot for paralyzed/physically handicapped persons. (Implemented on Real-time wheel chair)

CTC-26. Solar Tracker Robot using Microcontroller.

CTC-27. Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi

CTC-28. Servo Motor Control using mobile phone.

CTC-29. PC controlled wireless Pick and Place Speaking Robot

CTC-30. Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair with device switching

CTC-31. MEMS Accelerometer based Head movement controlled Firefight iRobot

CTC-32. PC operated wireless War field Robot

CTC-33. Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged.

CTC-34. Voice activated multipurpose robot

CTC-35. Development of vision system to a humanoid Robot

CTC-36. PC controlled multipurpose Robot

CTC-37. PC controlled wireless pick & place Robot with video camera

CTC-38. Gesture controlled wireless spy Robot with video capture

CTC-39. Computer Controlled Wireless Pick and Place Robot

CTC-40. Missile detection and auto destroy system.





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